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Kabelline Fat Dissolver
Kabelline South Africa


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Kabelline Direct Action Lipolytic 1 x 8 ml is an innovative product designed for face and body care. 

The active ingredient in Kabelline is deoxycholic acid, approved by the US FDA. 

Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring enzyme in the body that assists in the breakdown and metabolism of fatty acids. 

When injected into the subcutaneous tissue, it destroys fat cells, causing a marked decrease in tissue volume and circumference. Due to the high safety and effectiveness of the therapy, Kabelline became famous mainly for the non-surgical lipolysis of the chin and the possibility of contouring the line of the lower jaw. 

The Kabelline formula allows you to immediately reduce excess body fat and excess fat around the face. 

The product provides rapid restoration of the sharp contour of the lower jaw and the alignment of gravitational adipose tissue, resulting in a younger and slender appearance of the lower face. 

Lipolytic can also be used effectively in the area of excessive accumulation of body fat.


Indications for use:

  1. Double chin
  2. Fatigue and gravitational displacement of the adipose tissue in the lower jaw area
  3. Local accumulation of fat on the body

Therapy includes a maximum of 6 treatments at least 1 week apart.

The maximum amount of injected drug in one treatment should not exceed 8-10 ml. 

Production: South Korea 

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