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Dr. Lipo+ V Fat Dissolver
Dr. Lipo+ V Fat Dissolver Face

Dr. Lipo+ V Fat Dissolver

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Dr LIPO + is one of the best face contouring solutions on the market today !!!

It is one of the safest and  most effective procedure for fat reduction offering a rapid subcutaneous fat loss. It speeds up metabolism this leads to a melting of fat tissues in a most healthy, friendly and natural cycle.

Another great advantage of DR LIPO+ it will increase elasticity of the skin  so its GOODBYE to Cellulite and its all down to its PPC (Phosphatidyl Choline ingredients.

There is no pain or discomfort with this top notch Dr. Lipo V and you can target specific problematic areas.

DR LIPO+ The fat cells become totally dissolved other available products on the market only reduce fat cells.

There are no side effects the 4 main reasons are:

Complies with international health and safety standards

Gamma irradiated

Japanese high purity deoxycholate used in manufacturing 98%

German made high purity raw materials 99.8%

Dr. Lipo + V

Dr. Lipo + V is the most effective and high quality lipolytic for the face. Lipolytic is aimed at a quick and effective fight against fat deposits in the face and neck area.

After the destruction of fat cells, the peptide complex, which is part of Dr. Lipo + V gives an amazing lifting effect.

Unlike its predecessors, it does not contain a hormone, which means that it does not have a "temporary effect".

Dr. Lipo + V destroys the adipocyte cell forever, as it contains phosphotidylcholine and deoxycholate.

Dr. Lipo + V, thanks to its composition, can permanently correct the contour of the face.


Benefits of Dr. Lipo + V

- Effective and safe dosage of the composition allowing you to quickly see the result

- The complex of peptides gives active lifting and fast skin regeneration

- Active synthesis of collagen gives the skin a radiance. And the action of the product simulates the oval of the face.


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