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Aloe Vera Gel Skin Care Face Cream

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Use: Face
Item Type: Cream
Feature: Moisturizing
Model Number: maquillaje
Ingredient: maquiagem
Gender: Unisex

Aloe Vera Gel Skin Care Face Cream Mask maquiagem Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Anti Winkle Whitening Moisturizing Acne Treatment Cream

Composition function:

Improve skin live embellish skin anti-aging artifact refreshing Moisturizing Firming shrink pores oil.

Face Cream

When the amount of cream, not too much, multi massage to allow the skin to fully absorb. The amount is too much, the skin absorption finish, easy to cause the phenomenon of rubbing mud. Because the aloe polysaccharide, so when the aloe vera gel may be a bit sticky feeling. Winter wipe moisturizing aloe gel after efforts may not be enough, will feel a bit do the best use of aloe vera gel and then other cream or lotion. Summer is very good, moisturizing and not greasy, very refreshing, comfortable use.


Making facial masks


One is a sleep mask, after cleansing is directly coated with a thick layer of aloe vera gel, second days wash, feel the skin is very smooth. And if there is redness itching on your face symptoms, use it as a mask, these symptoms will improve a lot.


Another use is after the first cleansing slather on aloe gel base, and then apply the global aloe vera juice or water or other bland water paper film, about 20 minutes away, the skin will feel suck enough water, water, tender, and lo Hui glue repair is very good, very good skin can repair damaged tissue, make the skin smooth and elastic


Package Including:

1 pc Aloe Vera Gel