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Smooth Or Curly? Transform Your Hair By Using Best Styling Wand

Smooth Or Curly? Transform Your Hair By Using Best Styling Wand

You should not punish your hair for being the way it is. When it's smooth as a table you'll always have it busy to add a few waves; On the contrary, if it is tight curl, you will want to flatten it at all costs.
Of course, there are already techniques of hairdressing indicated to modify their natural appearance, but in this sense, not all are advantages, because continuous rerouting can damage it, as do the moldings. The stylist, trainer, and director of hairdressing salons proposes that you forget them and replace them with professional methods that you can apply at home, for which you only need a few specific products and the latest best styling wand. With your help, you will achieve great results, both in the straight and curly hair and keep your hair healthy and safe.
Smooth versus curly 
The advantage of a straight hair is that it usually looks better; On the contrary, it is normal for it to lack volume and that it needs high precision cuts in the form of layers to give it movement. The stylists bet on wearing them with medium or short stockings, combing them with bangs and parading the tips to bring them excellence.
On the opposite side, there is a large majority of women for whom curly hair is a punishment and they reject it without knowing that they can get a great match. Almost all of them tend to undergo aggressive straightening processes when they could find better ways both to give the curl definition and to smooth their hair.
From straight hair to curly
The great news for those women who have straight hair, is that there are several ways to get some waves. The first thing to be clear, explains that what type of curl you want, if too tight or just a ripple. "It is important the curling wand for long hair that we use both to give strength and for the finish, if we want volume it is very important the products to volumize the roots and at the end apply some type of lacquer on the layers, and even strand by strand".
Tools & Products
  • Plates of different thicknesses, curling iron or best styling wand, tongs, heat protector, lacquer and combing wax.
  • In normal or fine hair, if you want a very curly or fairly curly finish, you can use the mini-thickness plate and a heat protector: first, the whole length of the hair is curled with the barrel tongs. The hair is then rolled in the same direction as it has been curled and fastened with a clip, to let it cool and to finish it is ruffled with the fingers and using a special soft wave wax.
  • A best styling wand to get curls is to use the styler with three bars, to mark flat waves, always putting protective for the heat and a very soft wax to disperse the waves. 
  • The pincer with two bars is used to make waves and not curls. We call waves in the form of eights, in this case they are rolled in the same direction that we have marked with the tongs we put a clamp and let it cool. Finally, with the curling iron of a single barrel, the curl is given a corkscrew shape that can then be worked so that a mane with volume and waves remains.

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